Kundalini Yoga and the New Spirituality

Kundalini yoga works! Even after twenty years experience of Kundalini I continue to find myself exploring, developing and expanding my awareness. It is a profound and beautiful experience in an altered reality.

I am a shameless feminist, sometimes even an angry one. I am also an experienced therapist, working predominantly with anxiety, abuse, rape, sadness, addiction and the agony felt when love is not reciprocated. 

I observe so much suffering in class, sometimes it is so intense it seems almost tangible. I feel honoured that I have the ability to feel this and believe it is an important part of teaching.  When I don my white attire to teach, the kriyas I choose are informed by what I see and hear from those in my class. This affects how I teach, and how I share the Kundalini experience with others.

Kundalini energy is not exclusive to Kundalini Yoga. We name it and without shame look to open, lift, intensify and understand the Divine within.

Kundalini Yogo and the new spirituality

Setting an intention

The lecture prior to class sets the intention for the kriya and meditation and we then allow ourselves the power of intention to amplify the experience tenfold. A combination of intention, posture and pranayama further amplifies the altered state of reality and our nervous system and our hormones adapt to meet the challenge set by the intention.

There are some who believe Kundalini yoga has the potential to change our DNA, and others who state that a year of Kundalini practice is equivalent to 11 years of therapy.

The Kundalini is the divine part of ourselves. The spinal column is said to be the Divine within the body.  This is where science and technology become one, this marriage within, brings forth the most beautiful part of ourselves, that of the Kundalini.

Our human experience has concealed the Divine within us. The painful histories we hold, weighs down our perfection. The pain of our sufferings, attachments and traumas continue to play a role , until we begin to play with the Kundalini. We discover that we are able to completely change how we feel and how we experience our version of reality.

Kundalini yoga may for many be the first time a person experiences an altered version of themselves, because that is what Kundalini has the ability to provide. The depth of experience is for you to choose. It may only affect you momentarily, permitting you to walk away and decide to never return; labelling your experience as weird, different, a cult, too much or just nothing at all.

Or the Mantle of Grace descends upon you and the realisation that you have taken a leap of faith and nothing will ever be the same again.  In an instance you have aroused, awakened, untethered,  revealed a part of you, something that reverberates so strongly, that you are destined to follow it through.

Kundalini Yogo and the new spirituality (1)

To keep showing up…

To start, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, but whichever is to move very differently within your reality. To understand that there is so much more to the human experience, and that you are no longer flotsam being pushed or knocked from one experience to the next. Kundalini yoga provides you with the understanding that you have far more to say and do about your version of your reality than this world ever allowed you to believe before.

I for one keep showing up. I have a daily practice.  I challenge myself sometimes with meditations for 1000 days, not because I can but because I know that it has transformed my life. My reality is elevated and deepened by my practice and it is exponential.

Kundalini Yoga Classes are more than ever readily accessible either online or in studios all over the world.  I welcome you to find out more about Kundalini Yoga on my website by clicking here and perhaps one day I will have the honour of personally teaching you.

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