Ice Baths, How Cold Can You Go….

I have been toying with the idea of having cryotherapy treatment for sometime. I’ve been hearing about the great benefits both physically and mentally that cryotherapy can provide, such as pain relief, reduces mood disorders, weight loss, and an initial feeling of euphoria, amongst many other positive outcomes.  I had also done my due diligence and discovered that different cryotherapy machines achieve such differing results.  So whilst I waited patiently for a high tech nitrogen full-body machine to land in Brentwood, I decided to give ice baths a go.

Ice baths also have many benefits, not too dissimilar to those of cryotherapy. They can ease sore muscles, aid sleep, reduces stress and trains the vagus nerves, a very important part of the anatomy which controls our emotions.

I have to say the thought of getting into a bath full of ice cold water and ice cubes did not feel me with immense excitement, ‘trepidation’ might be a better word to express how I was feeling prior to the experience.

So how did this all come about?

The Recovery Rooms, a clinic, bistro and all round feel good spa has recently opened in Brentwood, Essex.  The Recovery Rooms is owned by two great guys called Danny and Nick, whom are dedicated to helping others reach a good standard of well-being.  

Whilst having (I have to say) a delicious lunch this week, Danny invited me to try out their newly installed ice baths. He said he would explain ALL once I arrived.  All I was told is to bring a swimsuit and 6 bags of ice.  He also said that I was welcome to warm up prior to the experience in their infra-red sauna.

I love trying new things, especially anything therapy related and jumped at the chance to see how an ice bath would make me feel both physically and mentally.  I had been experiencing a few aches and pains in the right hand side of my body,  and little anxiety so thanked the universe (and Danny) for this opportunity.  I decided to also enlist a friend, whom I knew would keep me motivated and a little competition, as to whom could stay in the ice water longer would provide me with the right amount of encouragement.

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Competition, bring it on!

On arrival Danny met  us both in the bistro. We were offered a warm drink and told about the benefits we may experience (as mentioned above).  We then went into the infra-red sauna to raise our body temperature and relax our muscles.  I have to say that this alone, felt rather lovely.  Danny started to pour in the bags of ice and told us the bath was ready for action. The water was set to the temperature of 14 degrees celsius and we were told that a good duration in the bath would be 5 minutes and no longer than 10 minutes.

We put on some elevating music (Nicola Cruz) and decided that my friend would go first (she is way more braver than me). My friend took to it like a fish in water, literally! She relaxed, and on instruction from Danny, breathed deeply into her tummy.  My friend set the bar quite high, she relaxed into the water immediately, deep breathing as instructed by Danny. She was dancing to the music to distract herself and stayed in the freezing cold water for the full 10 minutes.

Now, my turn!

I suddenly felt really nervous. I joked about changing my mind, but deep down I wanted to experience this wonderful treatment.  Timer on, I got in the bath and started to breath deeply. The positive motivational comments from Danny and my friend really helped, and the fact that I knew my friend had managed it. .  The first 1 minute was the most difficult. I really had to breath deeply and my fingers started to tingle.  My body slowly started to acclimatise to the temperature and by 5 minutes I actually started to enjoy the full body fresh feeling. Just as I reached 9 minutes and 50 seconds, I decided to dunk my head under for full submersion, as this can really help with your general mood.  I did it! My mind and body felt amazing, Immediately afterwards, I felt high! I felt both invisible and exhilarated. Mind over matter, I had managed to stay in 14 degrees celsius cold water for a respectable amount of time.

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The aftermath…

Two hours later and I still feel great.  I am interested to see how it will affect my sleep tonight and how long the pain relief lasts. I have already booked myself in for a colder. longer ice bath next week! If you are considering having an ice bath, don’t hesitate, just jump right in!

If you are interested in trying ice bath therapy, please click here for more information.

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