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So, you find yourself going through divorce or separation, one of the hardest things you never thought was going to happen to you.

The reality is as women, our concern becomes far more detached from us or our wellbeing and anchored towards our children, their happiness and the direct implications the new state of being is going to have on them.

The biggest asset amongst others, that is probably one our greatest concerns is the home: that place made of bricks and mortar. That place that means so much to us and holds so many memories, the one thing we feel bound to for the sake of not only our offspring but ourselves too. We spend so much of our time making the house a fully-fledged nest that we feather and fuss only to find that sometimes an inevitable part of the split is forfeiting the place that was the sanctuary we built and committed our lives to.

However fear not, I am here to change that thinking and turn it on it’s head. Yes you may need to move out of that ‘nest’ so to speak and downsize to something more conservative or lacking the charm of the previous abode BUT it’s just four walls and a roof you are leaving behind. It’s a chance, an opportunity to paint the front room a ridiculous shade of green you would have been challenged about, add too many pictures/ candles and cushions that may have been questioned, it’s your new canvass to create YOUR own unique work of art.

When I split with my fiancé, I found myself moving from the most picturesque grade 2 listed Georgian property to a new build flat. What did I do? Recreate the interior on a smaller scheme yet nothing lacking in detail! The outcome? I sold my one bedroom flat some 18 months later and made £75k profit. The moral of the story? Forget the grandeur of the building focus on the beauty and intricacies of the interior. You might not only make money, but you will have a solid focus and project to distract you from the details of your separation. Keeping yourself busy and focusing on something positive will release endorphins and give you a true sense of fulfilment.

Remember: whatever comes of the situation, whether you move into a mansion or a maisonette: its made of four walls and a roof. Picasso and Monet painted some of their most notable and valuable pieces on the smallest canvasses. Its not the size it’s the love and dedication and passion you commit to your new home- your masterpiece.

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