What Makes a Good Family Lawyer?

A good family lawyer should be a specialist in their field, a competent professional with relevant training and experience to guide their clients through the vast array of family matters.

Understanding, dedication and perseverance should be integral to their approach. Family matters are many and varied and fall under the umbrella of family law, which covers aspects such as separation, divorce, cohabitation, children matters, pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements, adoption, surrogacy as well as international family issues, such as, relocation and abduction.

Nuances and complexities

Each family issue has its own nuances and complexities and therefore, needs to be considered and dissected carefully before entering into any binding agreements. When decisions are made, they usually form the basis of a major life-changing situation. What is more important than your current relationship with yourself, your partner and your children? This question underlines the importance of finding a family lawyer, who specialises in the chosen area of family law that you require assistance with.

The importance of listening

A good family lawyer will really listen and will only then provide all the information that is required. They will appreciate and empathise with the various stressors involved when a family decides to separate and have the ability to provide their client with both legal and practical advice.

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Communication is key

information will be presented in a way that can be easily absorbed and understood by their client. A good family lawyer will ensure their client feels that they have been heard and given the crucial information, in order to make an informed choice which meets their family’s specific needs.

Supporting your clients needs

A virtuous family lawyer should be able to detect when a client is struggling emotionally and perceive how their client could benefit from support via additional services. Life Law Living is a dedicated legal consultancy that ensures everyone can find a good lawyer, no matter what particular area of family law this may be.

What makes a good family lawyer

Experienced family lawyers

Life Law Living strives to hand-pick experienced family lawyers from all areas of expertise, who are able to give the best possible advice to clients and who will, step-by-step, guide their clients towards the most appropriate outcome for their family. Please browse the numerous free legal articles provided across this website which cover all areas of family law and can offer some insight into areas relevant to your situation. Alternatively, you can contact Life Law Living directly on 03300 945 380 for a free, informal chat in respect of your current situation. Calls to this number are charged the same as calls to geographic numbers and should be part of any inclusive call minutes included in your mobile or landline contract. If you have any concerns please check with your phone provider before dialling this number.

Be sure to look after your health and well-being

Please also make full use of the non- legal articles which cover all aspects of self-care, which will hopefully help you during what can be one of the most stressful experiences of your life. Life Law Living aims to provide everyone with as much information as possible and understands exactly what is takes to offer sound family law advice and the importance of keeping healthy.

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