Financial Issues

How to reach a financial settlement in divorce?

You have started the divorce process.  You have agreed arrangements for your children.  You now need to consider the divison of the family assets. This is the final part of the divorce process and can be the trickiest to agree for a number of reasons.   The financial agreement contains the financial deal between you and your former partner.  The Court can either seal an agreement reached in a consent order or where proceedings have been initiated and there are outstanding issues, the Court will set down the financial terms in an Order, either way once sealed, it the terms are legally binding.

How I can help you?

  • I can help to assess what is in the matrimonal pot (the family assets)
  • I can help you consider your options in respect of the family home (sell, rent, stay, move)
  • I can assist you with budgeting for the interim and future
  • I can support and guide you through the completion of the financial disclosure, known as Form E or D81 (voluntarily or during proceedings)
  • I can assist you with obtaining the necessary valuations (house, second home, pension and personal possession)
  • I can support and guide you in preparation for court hearings
  • I can assist with appointing a trusted legal team (when necessary) including financial advisors, pension experts, mediators and barristers

Reaching a financial settlment is the final hurdle, once agreed and sealed, you can start to focus on and plan for your future.

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