Divorce & Separation

How to start your journey through divorce? 

I personally understand that the upheaval and stress of separation and divorce can impact all areas of your life, especially if the other party is of a difficult character. I therefore strive, more than most to provide you with as much information as possible to navigate your way around the legal system whilst looking after yourself in the process.

How I can help?

  • I can explain the process and legalities in simple no-nonsense language
  • I can assist with the completion of the necessary applications and paperwork so that the process is as quick and smooth and possible
  • I can advise you if your divorce is defended and you need to attend court  (this is highly unlikely as the divorce process is usually a paper exercise and rarely defended)
  • I can help you reach a financial settlement in divorce
  • I will guide and support you through what may well be one of the most challenging life events
  • Step-by-step I will help you achieve the most appropriate outcome for your family.

My divorce and separation service covers Essex, Hertfordshire, London and the South-East, however I have a large network of legal professionals that I work with across the UK. 

If you would like advice or guidance on divorce or separation, I am here to help. I offer a FREE 20 minute telephone consultation. You can call me on 0330  094 5380 or email me on hello@lifelawliving.co.uk