About Me

I am a qualified family solicitor specialising in all family legal matters. I am also the founder of LifeLawLiving.co.uk, primarily a family legal resource website dedicated to providing up to date information on all topics related to family law.

My approach to legal matters is influenced by past work and my own life experiences. These have all contributed to my success as a family solicitor.

My website allows me to provide you with legal support and guidance. It also gives me a platform to share the passion I have for therapy, nutrition and well-being. I am specifically interested in ways of managing stress and anxiety that can be brought on by legal action, especially disputes involving separation, finances, and children.

Over the years I have met some wonderful people in both the legal and well-being industry.  This website enables me to introduce you to a few of them, so that they can share their vast knowledge, wisdom and stories.

Before creating the above family law services, I trained and worked with a well-established regional law firm which has empowered me to focus solely on family law. I am forever grateful for their training and continued support.

In 2004 I went through a highly emotive separation. I spent years navigating the family courts. Due to the withdrawal of legal aid in almost all family law matters, I inevitably had to represent myself on a few occasions. The court became a place of disappointment, which impacted my family negatively.

I’m not suggesting all cases involve years of litigation, and my divorce and finances were rushed through the court relatively quickly (that is another topic of conversation). Regrettably, it was the on-going conflict surrounding my child that continued for many years after the Decree Absolute that resulted in on-going litigation.

The guidance and support I provide, therefore, comes not only from my experience as a family solicitor, but also from the very same place you are now. I understand the immense stress and emotional upheaval you may experience. In some situations, the family court becomes part of your life. I also appreciate the extent of the difficulties when there are children added to the equation.

I will endeavour to help you resolve matters as quickly and harmoniously as possible to prevent communication from breaking down.

I Believe

It is essential to look after your well-being and that of your children throughout this process.

I have researched and explored many different forms of therapy over the past 15 years; from mainstream counselling to obscure alternative therapies, to manage and cope with emotional stress. My website features various articles from my journey in the hope that you will find something that resonates with you or at the very least keep you entertained.

My Mission

By uniting law and life experiences, I would like to empower people to live happy, healthy lives. This satisfies my passion for helping the person as a whole, especially those who want to empower themselves with knowledge of the family legal system, whilst holistically addressing their health.

I offer a 20 minute FREE initial consultation, either online or by telephone.  I can continue providing you with guidance and support either by telephone or in person.  My priority is first and foremost that you feel comfortable.

Based on your particular circumstances, we may together decide that a referral to one of my network of like minded legal specialists would be the most appropriate action to take.

It is imperative to find the right legal advice so that you can make the correct choices for you and your family, and subsequently transition to a more fulfilling life.

Contact me on hello@lifelawliving.co.uk to book your initial meeting.

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